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Cannot Click open the Project Folder on Wamp server Dashboard .

wamp server
Windows / Windows 10 / Windows-Server

Cannot Click open the Project Folder on Wamp server Dashboard .

Cannot Click open the Project Folder on Wamp server Dashboard


I have installed a fresh version of WAMP (Version – 64bit), and on my localhost page under the “Your Projects” category I see only names of projects, but it is not clickable (no yellow directory icons) as you can see in the picture.

It suggests I to create a new virtual host for each project, I have never done such a thing in the previous versions. I already have the default virtual host “Localhost” and it works fine when I type the path into the browser, the only problem is I can’t start or search through my project via dashboard because there are no clickable icons.


Open the index.php file in the www folder and search for the variable $projectContents, around line 382 change the same. This might change based on the Wamp server version, so please search $projectContents and confirm it matches the one displayed below.


$projectContents .= ($wampConf[‘LinksOnProjectsHomePage’] == ‘on’) ? “<li><a href=’http://localhost/”.$file.”/’>”.$file.”</a></li>” : ‘<li>’.$file.'</li>’;


$projectContents .= ‘<li><a href=”‘.str_replace(‘.conf’,”,$file).’/”>’.str_replace(‘.conf’,”,$file).'</a></li>’;

Finally the links should be active with some file icon animation.

#Cannot Click open the Project Folder on Wamp server Dashboard


Why can’t I access my projects through WAMP?


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Akashdeep Das

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If your “My Project” folder exists in “wamp/www/” and if you can see the localhost home page after starting wampserever correctly, and still you cant access your projects, then simply go to www folder, open index.php and search for $suppress_localhost and set its value to false. Restart wampserver, go to localhost and try to access your project.

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Gautam Sawala

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Are you sure your “my project” directory exists in wamp/www/ and your home page is named index.html or index.php?

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Anuj Kumar Sharma

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I had the same problem, I resolved it by naming the project directory in all small case letters e.g. : “myProject” or “my project” won’t work .

Instead make it “myproject” or even better “my_project”.

Hope that helps.

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Shahroz Nawaz

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There will be several issues for which you are not getting your projects through WAMP

  1. Localhost is not configured correctly
  2. project is not in www folder which is in C://
  3. Port number conflicts

4. server settings are comment out in PHP.ini file

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Dieter Lievens

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RelatedWhy isn’t Wamp serving pages on port 80, even though Wamp and Apache claim to be using port 80?

Usually because another service is trying to use port 80 too, typically skype.

Try turning off skype(if you are using, obviously), otherwise try to find out if other applications are trying to listen on port 80.

If skype is the issue, you can configure it in the settings not to use port 80.

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Sharan Shettar

I am a Computer science proffessional pursuing my master degree .6y

I faced the same problem on WAMP , as i tried accessing the file saved in the location wamp/www, using http://localhost/www/test.php

. It returned error saying 404-NOT FOUND .

Make a folder in wamp/www folder say ‘testproject’ and save all your php files in to this folder and now try to access it using


YOU SHOULD NOT INCLUDE WWW in the link as it l give error

It will work 🙂

Hope it helps

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Shah Mubashir

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Your project should reside inside “<wamp-installation-directory/www/yourproject>”. Then you access it you’ve to write in browser “localhost/yourproject”. But for you its not working I think. Therefore there are some suggesstion.

  1. Look for wamp icon in the tray, and it should be green. Yellow and red means its not working.
  2. If its yellow, then you’ve to quit skype in a way, that its icon should not be visible in the try. Then restart wamp and it should turn green.
  3. You’ve look for what is causing your wamp from working. Sometimes its apache, sometimes it is mysql. You’ve to google it, if the above option didn’t worked for you.
  4. If your project has .htaccess file try to move it into some other directory to test it. If it opens, then you’ve to recreate the .htaccess for your system.

I hope I’ve answered your question. Take care.

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